The Shtokman Field (Штокмановское Месторождение)

The Shtokman field (Штокмановское месторождение) is one of the worlds largest natural gas fields.  Lying within the Russian EEZ of the Barents Sea, it is estimated to hold 3.8 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, and over 37 million tons of gas condensate.

A pipeline (pictured in red) is to be built that will connect the Shtokman field with a liquid natural gas (LNG) terminal that is to be built in the city of Teriberka (Териберка).  (Read The Economic Implications for Teriberka)  From Teriberka, the oil will carry on through into Vyborg (Выборг) by means of another pipeline.  Finally, the majority of the gas that is to be produced is assumed to be sold to Europe via the Nord Stream pipeline (one of two parallell lines was commissioned in Nov, 2011) that connects Vyborg (Russia) and Greifswald (Germany).

As it stands, the project is to be designed, financed, constructed, and operated by Shtokman
Development AG (SDAG), which is a joint consortium run by Total ( 24% – France), Statoil (25% – Norway) and Gazprom (51% – Russia).  SDAG will hold a full license for 25 years, after which shares of Total and Statoil will be transfered to Gazprom.  SDAG is headed by Yuri Komarov (Юрий Комаров), who has shown competency within the industry having headed different positions within Gazprom and it’s subsidiaries between 1996 and 2008.

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